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Sworn Translators at the Grand Instance Court of Colmar

Take down the language barrier

In a world where everyone has instant access to free online translation sites, it might well be worth wondering if there is still a future for professional translators and interpretors?


Of course, an online translation will always be practical to understand a linguistic puzzle but take another look at your instant translation and ask yourself if all the underlining messages are making it across to your client in a clear and concise manner? Does it take into account cultural and linguistic differences so that your message is coherant and understandable? The answer is no because ultimately, it is a computer programme that lacks all form of humanity in it's message.


Active since 4 March 2013, British Empire Traduction & Services offers this human touch in it's French translation and interpreting services.


Please take the time to visit our web-site and discover our different services. Find out why you should entrust your linguistic projects to a professional that is "si français".

Our strengths:

  • Quality solutions
  • Working to dead-lines
  • Guaranteed data confidentiality
  • Wide knowledge of the French language
  • Intercultural flexibility
  • Cultural knowledge of French normes and practices
  • Background in both the French and British construction industry
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