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All data and documents supplied by the client to Marc Thomas MIDDLETON, hereafter referred to as « British Empire Traduction & Services » (B.E.T.S.), remain the property of the client.


The data and documents supplied are understood to be covered by the obligation of professional secrecy (article 226-13 of the French Criminal Code), including contacts and information that B.E.T.S. might be privy to when establishing a quote for a potential client or undertaking work on behalf of a client. “Freedom and i


In compliance with article 34 of France’s “Electronic Freedom Act” (« Informatique et Libertés »), B.E.T.S. will take all the necessary steps in order to assure that all data and documents are not corrupted, damaged or communicated to non authorised parties.


B.E.T.S. will commit to the following:


- No copies of documents or data will be kept except those necessary to the executing of the contract work. In the event where copies are necessary, the client must give his prior approval;

- No documents or information will be transmitted to outside persons or parties;

- No documents or information will be divulged to other persons or parties;

- Take all necessary steps to avoid all fraudulent use of sensitive data;

- Take all necessary measures to protect all documents and data provided;

- Protect the identities of clients;

- Once the agreed work is complete, dispose of all related IT or physical databases.


Therefore, B.E.T.S. commits to no sub-contract its works out to another translation company without the client’s prior consent.


The client reserves the right to carry out any and all checks in order to verify that the above points are being up-held by B.E.T.S.


In the event of non compliance with the above points, the client reserves the right to ask for provisions detailed within article 226-17 of the French Criminal Code.


The client may proceed to an immediate termination of contract, without compensation for B.E.T.S., in the event of non compliance with the above points or the non-respect of professional secrecy.


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