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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need an accredited translation?

The purpose of an accredited translation is to be able to certify an original document.

Therefore in theory, it is possible to accreditate any translated document but official public documents such as passports, driving licenses, mariage certificates, school diplomas, civil documents, etc. must be accompanied with an accredited translation.

How do you identify an accredited translation?

First of all, the sworn translator must be registered with a judiciary on an official list. In the case of BETS, we are registered on the list of the Grand Instance Court of Colmar.


An accredited translation will always have a declaration from the sworn translator and ratified with a signature and seal. This declaration proves that the translated text is a faithful reproduction of the original text or of a copy (which will be joined to the translation).

Is it necessary to provide the original source document for an accredited translation?

No, it is not necessary to provide the original source document.

In this case, the translator will write, at the end of the translation, that he has translated the present document presented to him and not the original document. The client will then need to present both the translation and original document to the institue which requires the translation.

Is it necessary to have the accredited translation undertaken by a sworn translator in your region or departement?

No. A sworn translator can translate documents that will be recognised everywhere in France.

Why are accredited translations more expensive than non-accredited translations?

For accredited translations, sworn translators set their own prices freely, taking into consideration prices offered by other sworn translators.


For non-accredited translations, there is naturally a lot more offer as sworn translators have to compete not only against other sworn translators but also translation agencies, who often make use of translators in countries that have lower social costs or can obtain discounted prices from their usual translators, making their prices very competitive.

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